iPhone5 ストラップ
iPhone5ストラップ|iPhone5 NETSUKE
Ever since ancient times in Japan there has been a history of attaching a small lanyard to precious items. This lanyard is referred to as a NETSUKE. For centuries it has kept samurais and laymen alike from dropping their swords and pocketbooks into the mud or a castle moat. It's just part of Japanese culture, which is why all phones in Japan have holes for attaching a lanyard from the beginning. Unfortunately the iPhone didn't have this feature, but fortunately we were able to create a viable solution with our NETSUKE product.

We use only the finest Stainless 304 material in our product, the same material used to create iPod and iPhone housings. Polished to perfection, these parts are extremely robust and will never tarnish, rust, or flake.

Evolution of our design Thinner. Lighter. Stronger. More flexible.

The iPhone got a lot thinner with the release of the 5, so we had to evolve with it. We achieved this by adding a rotating eyelet that allows the attachment plate to fit within the thickness of the product, and makes the overall design more robust at the same time.

We also had to improve the design drastically to keep up with the tiny new lightning connector. Carefully avoiding the speaker and microphone holes, and keeping the mechanism extremely (0.25mm!) thin at the insertion point the connector can still 'click' into place just as it was meant to do.
(*this only works with the standard in-box lightning cable. Other 3rd party 'fat' cables may interfere)

We have made each design thinner, lighter, stronger, and better than previous generations. We thoroughly check each product before shipping to guarantee its quality.
We have design patents issued or in-process on all of our designs.

In the Package

NETSUKE Plate Custom pentalobe screwdriver Custom Screws *the red or blue material on the tips of the screws is a special polymer meant to prevent loosening over time. this is not rust.

We sell all Poddities products as kits with each of the above items included. You do not have to purchase anything separately.


Lanyard can rotate freely out of the way so the lightning cable can still insert.

For those worried about the strength of the attachment

This is just to show how strong the attachment is. We do not recommend that you abuse your phone like this.

How to attach the Poddities NETSUKE.

Select Color

  • NETSUKE for iPhone5(Black)

    iPhone5 NETSUKE

    (tested with 5s, 5c)

    2,100 yen tax included, shipping excluded
  • NETSUKE for iPhone5(Silver)

    iPhone5 NETSUKE

    (tested with 5s, 5c)

    2,100 yen tax included, shipping excluded


  • iPhone5 ストラップ - ブラックBlack
  • iPhone5ストラップ - シルバーSilver

Color variation

  • iphone5 ストラップ|本体金具

    The NETSUKE plate.

  • iphone5ストラップ|専用ドライバー1本と専用ネジ2本

    All necessary tools to affix your NETSUKE (not included lanyards).

  • iphone5 strap|専用ドライバーでNETSUKEをネジ止め

    Attach the NETSUKE plate with the custom pentalobe driver. Do not lose original screws.

  • iphone5ストラップ ケース|NETSUKE装着後、正面から見たところです

    What it looks like after attaching NETSUKE.

  • Podditiesのiphone5 ストラップ|裏から見たところ。

    View from the back.

  • iphone5 ストラップ|横から見たところ。

    Side view. You can see how the mechanism matches the iPhone thickness.

  • iphone5 ストラップ 紐を通したところ

    After attaching a lanyard strap to the eyelet.

  • iphone5ストラップ - ストラップ装着時の全体像。

    iPhone with lanyard attached.

  • iphone5 ストラップ|apple純正「lightning - USBケーブル」

    With lightning cable plugged in.

  • iphone5 ストラップ|poddites

    Close-up of connector. Poddities is made to work with original lighning cables only and may not work with 'fat' 3rd party cables.

  • iphone5 ストラップをこのような箱に入れてお届けします

    It comes in a box like this. (*we reserve the right to change packaging)

  • NETSUKE、専用ドライバー、専用ネジが台紙に固定されています|iphone5 ストラップ

    What you see when you open the package.



*There may be slight differences from the actual product


*There may be slight differences from the actual product

Staff Voice

アイフォン5ストラップ NETSUKE for the iPhone 5. Lighter and thiner, and we made 2 colors to match those of the iPhone.

As for the strength, we think you will be surprised at the toughness of this mechanism. In product testing we beat and abused these and were unable to seriously damage the parts. Not to say that's how you should use your products -- leave that up to those of us developing. One thing to note is that you should always make sure that your screws are fastened securely, since if they loosen up then all the strength and security of the mechanism is lost. We use an anti-loosening polymer on the screw tips specifically to prevent this.

We love when we see people on the streets using our products. We frequently receive emails and letters from our customers telling us how much they have enjoyed the products ever since the first generations. We promise to keep making better and better products as long as we are around. Thank you.


Compatible iPhone iPhone5 , iPhone5s/5c (CANNOT attach to iPhone4 or iPhone3)
Materials Plate/Hinge: Stainless 304
In-box Custom Screwdriver, Custom Screws, 2 Lanyard Ropes
Size Width: 15.7mm Height: 7.2mm Fits rope up to about 2.5mm in diameter.
Weight 0.5g
Country of Origin Japan (with a couple of sub-parts made in China)
Color black,Silver
Reference * Not compatible with some cases.
* We cannot assume responsibility for any damage inflicted by user to the iPhone.
* We recommend that you keep the original screws in case you need to take in the iPhone for service. Without the original screws in place the warranty will be broken and you may not be able to take your phone in for service.
* The lighntning cable that comes with your phone will work fine together with NETSUKE, but the 30-pin adapter will not. The 30-pin adapter and other 'fat' cables will interfere with the NETSUKE plate.

Select Color

  • NETSUKE for iPhone5(Black)

    iPhone5 NETSUKE

    (tested with 5s, 5c)

    2,100 yen tax included, shipping excluded
  • NETSUKE for iPhone5(Silver)

    iPhone5 NETSUKE

    (tested with 5s, 5c)

    2,100 yen tax included, shipping excluded

How to attach

  • 1.
    Remove the original iPhone screws by turning them counterclockwise with the Poddities screwdriver.

  • 2.
    Align the plate as shown and fasten with the 2 Poddities screws. Be sure that they are secure, but do not overtighten as you may strip the threads. Pushing into the screw while turning helps prevent this.

  • 3.
    Final adjustment works best by gradually tightening both screws little by little. Again, be careful not to overtighten or strip the screws. You may need to re-tighten if they loosen over time.

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