With respect to some inquiry, which is comparably apt to come up, We have noticed on our site, we also have put some of them cited on below.
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Q. What is this red colored stained on screws?
This red material is to prevent the screws from loosening.
Q. I lost screws. Can I purchase only parts?
Yes. You can purchase Poddities original screws at the site page below.

replacement screws for iPhone3G/3GS

replacement screws for iPhone4/4S

replacement screws for iPhone5/5S/5c
Q. The scerew gets loose. How should I fix it?
Resinoid material is on the screw, it does not assure you to them never to get loose.
Lest you happen to fall your iPhone down, keep them fast during your use.

Attention : for fear of screws torn off, That is well point if you stop turning screws by screwdriver with the thumb and forefinger to the extent that the screw tighten up itself.


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