We started Poddities because we wanted a lanyard for our iPhone.

All other iPhone accessories get
in the way of the beautiful product.

What we like about the iPhone

Nobody needs to validate the great design of the iPhone. We all love it's simple form and honest use of materials. It's beautiful, sharp, elegant, and understated. Our craftsman ancestors in Japan would have been proud of such a creation.


BUT, sometimes when using our iPhones we feel a bit uneasy.

- those OOPS moments where it slips from our hands
- we can't instinctively tell which end is up or down
- pulling it out of our pockets or bags

It's easy to protect the phone from dropping by wrapping it up in a plastic or a leather case. But that would defeat the purpose of buying such a nice product.

How do we not get in the way of what we love but fix our concerns with the product?

Adding style and functionality without covering up the design. Naked Security.

This was where we created the first Poddities product in 2008.

At Poddities we strive to make simple, functional products that only complement your iPhone, never getting in the way. We use only the finest materials and only release our products once they have been polished to a level of perfection we can be proud of.

While eating a bowl
of tonkotsu ramen in 2009
enjoying both the ramen and
playing with my new iPhone,
my greasy fingers let
the phone KERPLUNK
right into the soup.

I thought to myself
Where's the damnlanyard!"
and within a week
the first prototype was born.